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Pottenstein & Tüchersfeld, Germany


Caves, Castle, and Fränkische-Schweiz (Franconian Switzerland) Museum

Teufelshöhle (Devil’s Cave) in Pottenstein is the most popular sight in the Fränkische-Schweiz (Franconian Switzerland) region. Other sights are the castle and Tüchersfeld Museum.


Photogenic Tüchersfeld

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Up river from its confluence with the Wiesent in Gößweinstein, the Püttlachtal (valley) narrows and rock walls and towers typify the landscape. The small town Tüchersfeld with its rock towers, castle ruins, and half-timbered buildings are often considered the most-photographed town in the Fränkische Schwiez.

The main sight in Tücherfeld is the Fränkische-Schweiz Museum (Franconia Switzerland), Tüchersfeld, 91278 Pottenstein, tel 09242-16 40, erected in the so-called Judenhof (Jewish Court). In 1758, a Jewish settlement was established here but it dissolved in 1872 due to a lack of members. A century later, the area was restored to house the museum, which focuses on the geology and archeology of the region. Further exhibitions explain life in the area during the Middle Ages. The synagogue was preserved and has exhibitions on Jewish life. Opening hours are April to October from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm; November to March on Sunday only from 1:30 to 5 pm. Admission is €2.30.


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Pottenstein Tourist Information

Tourist Information Pottenstein, Rathaus, 91278 Pottenstein, tel 09243-708-4.


Pottenstein - Cave, Castle, & Kangaroos

Pottenstein, a town of just less than 6,000 inhabitants, is by far the most popular destination in the Fränkische Schweiz. Annually, it sees around 650,000 visitors of which around 200,000 spent the night. It is a lovely town, surrounded by mountains and the typical rocky towers. Two major town fires in 1526 and 1736 took care of medieval architecture and the townscape is Baroque rather than half-timbered medieval.

  • Teufelshöhle (Devil's Cave)

The main draw in Pottenstein is the Teufelshöhle (Devil’s Cave) Forchheimer Straße 1, Pottenstein, tel 09243-208. It is the most popular cave in the Fränkische Schweiz (Franconian Switzerland) and at 1.5 km/a mile long also the largest. The temperature inside the cave is a constant 9°C/48°F with a humidity of 95%. As a result, visitors are well advised to bring jackets even in summer.

  • A therapeutic center for rehabilitation of lung diseases is inside the cave – €5 to sit, relax, and breathe for two hours. Three-week courses are the norm.

The Teufelshöhle (Devil's Cave) is open from Easter to October, daily from 9 am to 5 pm and from November to Easter only on Tuesday and weekends from 10 am to 3 pm. Admission is €3.50 and include the compulsory, one hour guided tour.

  • Burg Pottenstein Castle

Burg Pottenstein, tel 09243-7221, which towers over the town, is also worth seeing. The castle dates from the 11th century, when it served as a fortress against the Hungarians and other Slavic attackers. The present appearance resembles that of the 16th century. The castle is a private residence but a small part is open to the public.

The castle is reached via a trail and 365 stairs that start directly behind the church in Pottenstein. Opening hours are from May to October from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm; in April on weekend from 11 am to 5 pm. Admission is €3.80.

  • Kangaroo Reserve

Oddly enough, just outside Pottenstein is a Känguru-Gehege (Kangaroo Reserve), tel 09243-70841, where kangaroos hop around in the open. From Pottenstein, follow Bayreuther Berg road towards Haßlach – the kangaroo reserve is around 2 km/1.2 miles outside the town. Parking and benches are available.



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